retrofit of ballast water treatment and exhaust gas cleaning systems

W3D has 50 years of experience in the engineering and design of engine rooms. Since around 2012 we have been involved in the retrofit of plants on seagoing vessels. Eventhough the ballast water treatment convention has been postponed time and again, we have completed several projects. We are therefore well prepared to carry out a retrofit on your vessel.


As-is assessment to 'turn-key' installation:

We normally carry out as-is assessments with our own laser scanning systems. We are happy to travel worldwide and depending on the vessel, trade and conditions we can carry out scans underway. Depending on the vessel size it usually only takes a couple of ours to complete a number of scans enabling us to create a point cloud of the entire area required. This full picture of the engine room, funnel and other areas allows us to plan and integrate the new plant, piping, fittings and foundations in a virtual environment. 

This allows producers to pre-manufacture foundations, pipes and other equipment based on accurate production drawings and reduces or eliminates the need for alterations on board. Together with partners we provide you with a full 'turn-key' solution incl. hardware, electronics, integration into your bridge automation system, assembly and commissioning on board.



We are manufacturer independent. If you are not certain which plant matches your vessel, operating profile and trade we are happy to share our knowledge.