Great ideas since 1968!

The company was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of plastic scale models of engine rooms and complex industrial plants. The models are used in yards and construction projects to ensure a quick and flawless production and for familiarisation and education of personnel. Our tasks in this business have not changed much, but technology has moved on. We no longer handcraft models, we create them in 3D-CAD programs in our computers.

We have also expanded our services: we currently provide engineering and design for steel structures, outfitting, electronics and electricity, engineering and design for jigs and tools for car and aircraft manufacturing and comprehensive retrofitting services.

Our clients count on our skills for the development, basic design, detailed engineering and design, system coordination, creation of manufacturing drawings and parts lists. For smaller projects we can also provide manufacturing of the developed products.

We possess the required skillset for the retrofit of ballast water and exhaust gas treatment systems on ships, for variance analysis of new plants in which unexpected errors occur, quality checks, the update of outdated drawings and maintenance documentation, the creation of 3D-models of existing plants, etc..

Smaller equipment such as tools and machinery components are scanned with photogrammetric scanners to a very detailed level. The equipment can be changed and improved in our systems. Afterwards prototypes and small batches can be manufactured in 3D-printers.